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  Perlman Clinic and Thornton Hospital

The Perlman Ambulatory Care Center is part of the UCSD Medical Center complex in La Jolla, California.

Our Clinic Location

UCSD Perlman Ambulatory Care Center T he UCSD Perlman Ambulatory Care Center is located on the campus of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in La Jolla, California. The Perlman clinic is situated next to The Thornton Hospital. Click here for directions. There is self-parking and valet parking available. Our clinic is on the lower level of the Perlman building, suite A. Should you require pre-operative blood work or wish to fill any prescriptions, there is a laboratory and pharmacy in the Perlman building for your convenience.


Make and Appointment

T o make an appointment, call (858) 657-8590. For your convenience, we will gather your insurance information over the phone so that you do not need to fill out additional paperwork at your appointment time. Some surgical procedures, or portions of it, may be covered by your insurance. In addition, if your age or health status requires any pre-operative laboratory testing, your insurance may cover these costs. You should contact your health insurance carrier to be certain.

When you walk into the lobby at the Perlman Clinic building, please pick up your blue UCSD medical card, which displays your personal medical record number. This card will give you access to all available UCSD medical services, including your surgery and any necessary pre-operative blood work. Then proceed to the elevators which will take you to the Lower Level. Our clinic is in Suite A.

Having Your Surgery at a UCSD Hospital

Y our health is precious, so where your surgery is performed and how your anesthesia is handled are critical.

The UCSD Hospital facilities are fully accredited with complete state-of-the-art operating suites. We utilize the latest equipment and instruments for your surgery.

There is a full complement of anesthesiology staff at the UCSD Hospitals, capable of handling any technique of anesthesia for your surgery. All of our anesthesia staff are well trained in caring for individuals with different health states from those with excellent health to those with multiple serious medical problems.

During your surgery, your anesthesiologist will monitor your comfort and progress closely. It is important to us to offer you a safe and pleasant experience, so that you truly have peace of mind when you elect to have your surgery at UCSD.

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